Kerbl Fine Tine Basket Fork Head

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Kerbl 9213
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Kerbl Fine Tine Basket Fork Head
Price: $45
Price: $25 for the Aluminum Handle
This Fork head with its 17 Finely Spaced Tines is a "Must Have" for the Stable/Yard/Paddock & Indoor

Thorough Cleaning and Easy Use Guaranteed ! Made in Germany 

  • Made from Slightly Flexible but Toughened UV Stabilized Plastic
  • Pointy Prongs with Con-caved Fork Edge
  • Easy Pick Up of even the Finest Manure Debris – Great for Stable Walkers
  • Basket Shape with Rounded Angled Back Corners
  • Saves Bedding and Expensive Surface

Basket Size Width approx. 38cm - Tine Length 35cm 

Spacing of Tines 7mm