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Chewing Balm Is The Original Product Developed By Harald Cornelissen and Jochen Huntenburg and is Made in Germany

250g per packet

“Anything forced or misunderstood can never be beautiful”

Xenophon 430 BC.


From Trust comes Confidence and Relaxation


A key point of the training scale is based upon a consistent, harmonious connection to the rider's hand


The Chewing Balm promotes relaxation of the jaw therefore eliminates teeth grinding, which usually occurs at times when the horse experiences stress or tension.


In Summary Kahl's CHEWING BALM achieves the following:


  • Promotes mouth activity
  • Activates natural salivation
  • Eliminates teeth grinding


From Nature to Nature

Kahl's CHEWING BALM is a pure natural product which consists of a finely tuned blend of natural beeswax, vegetable oils, honey and propolis.

It is suggested you add 1-2 tablespoons of the chewing balm with either some sugar, apple or banana before or after bridling.

If your horse is particularly picky, use the open syringe cut the top part off and smooth the edge with sandpaper and fill to the 10-20 ml mark (i.e. one/two tablespoons).

It is advised to introduce this product whilst at home for daily work, however it only be required at a later date for outings and competitions where nervous tension can build.

From Success to Success

A soft active mouth/jaw leads to salivation giving a greater connectivity between the horse’s mouth and the riders hand aids leading to better submission and suppleness which allows for a better training program.

Teeth grinding is a nervous behavioral vice which can develop into a long-term training problem. Kahl's CHEWING BALM address these issues through their waxed granules which breakdown to form a surface film in the horses mouth, this film eliminates the grinding and the noise associated allowing the horse to relax his jaw, which leads to complete physical suppleness (Losgelassenheit) both inside and out.

Chewing Balm provides the best starting point for progress in training and a successful competition career and eliminates the need for gadgets.

"No gadgets can permanently replace the correct rein, leg and weight aids of the rider."

Kurt Albrecht
(Vienna Riding School)


Rider/Trainer Reviews

"Kahl's Chewing Balm makes my horses gymnastic work much easier, I find them much more supple" Holga Finken

"Kahl Chewing Balm allows for a more serene workout with more difficult work on the sensitive horse." Christina Leben

"Kahl Chewing Balm is a natural training resource, which should replace old methods to enhance animal welfare!" Harald Cornelissen

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    Chewing Balm

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Oct 2014

    Kahl chewing balm has helped with my horse grinding teeth. A little fiddly to get it in the mouth, but the syringe helps! Great natural product.