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$20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Guardian Mask $295

Guardian Mask "Ride-In" $285

Replacement Eye Shades $150 (per pair) 

Nose Covers $75.00



Guardian Masks - Small, Large and Extra Large Available  

Guardian Lightweight Riding & Racing Mask

Introducing the revolutionary original multi-purpose Sunshade Guardian Mask to Australia!

The Ultimate horse mask  has a unique patented design and offers 95% UV protection, unlike normal flymasks. This remarkable product is known to help horses with conditions such as uveitis, glaucoma, eye cancer, cataracts, headshaking, eye injuries or irritations!

However, it is suitable for ALL horses providing superior eye protection all year round from the harmful ultra violet rays as well as providing protection against insects, wind blow particles, sharp objects and injury from rubbing. Also acts as a Pollen & Dust Filter !

Guardian Masks come in a range of sizes and styles including the paddock mask and lightweight riding & racing masks. They can also be fitted with a nose cover on request made from the same material as the fly mask.

The Original Multi-Purpose Guardian Horsemask with 95% UV shades.

Recommended for horses with any of the five major eye conditions: Uveitis, Headshaking, Cataracts, Eye Cancer and Glaucoma. Also for horses with injuries to the eye or eyelid which needs additional protection. Also aids in general protection against small particles and pollen as well as protection against insects.

Sizes Available:

  • Extra Large- 16hh + (Or large head/jaw)
  • Large- 15hh+ (Fits most horses)
  • Small- 13hh+ (Ponies and youngsters)
  • Miniature Large * only available on request
  • Miniature Small * only available on request

Please note, custom sizing and masks available on request


Every Guardian Horsemask is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure strength and durability. This mask is designed to last. The 100% woven nylon fiber mesh incorporates a unique interlocking design that will not unravel.

The Guardian Horsemask is sewn with nylon thread for strength and trimmed with super strong woven polyester braid. Superior Quality designed to meet equine needs.

Nose Covers- One Size Fits All, Made from same 95% UV protection material as masks, Attaches to the paddock mask


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  • 5
    Guardian Face Mask

    Posted by Monique Robinson on 15th Nov 2021

    This product is amazing - literally a life saver! I ordered this for my mare with recurrent equine uveitis having tried several other face masks and it far surpasses them all. She had already lost one eye prior to this mask and now wears her Guardian Mask 24/7 in all weather conditions. It is comfortable for her, causes no rubs and gives her the freedom to live with her herd in a large treed paddock all the time. Martina was also super helpful and efficient at getting it to me asap. Highly recommend 100X over

  • 5
    Fantastic product

    Posted by Jacquie on 8th Jul 2019

    My old mare with uveitis has worn the mask 24/7 since I got it from you, with only a few days off every month or so (for washing it). Not a single flare up since. Fingers x and touch wood!!!!

  • 5
    Safe and easy

    Posted by Jacquie Thomson on 7th Aug 2017

    As always, delivery from City Barn was very prompt and the order arrived in perfect condition. My old mare is blind in one eye and losing some vision in the other from uveitis, so we needed something she can wear at all times that protects her eyes from injuries, as well as protecting her from UV. Looking like we made a good call with this product

  • 5

    Posted by Mandy on 28th Jul 2017

    This is our second one they are fantastic! Thanks

  • 5
    A must have item for any horse suffering from eye conditions/injuries

    Posted by Olivia on 14th Dec 2014

    My 29yo mare was diagnosed with recurrent uveitis, initially she wore a regular fly mask but I soon discovered it wasn't offering her the protection she needed. So I purchased a Guardian Mask and within 2 days her weepy eye was clean and you could tell that she was so much happier! My only regret is that I didn't get one sooner! We now have two, so when one gets dirty I always have a spare that she can wear whilst I clean the other one. I can now rest assured that her eyes are protected 24/7, preventing future problems and improving her quality of life. Thank you Martina for your fantastic customer service and for stocking this remarkable product.

  • 4
    Wonderful result

    Posted by Sarah on 15th Oct 2014

    My horse had a nasty ulcer and associated recurrent uveitis. No drugs were helping and my vet was talking about removing his eye as a last resort. I got the Guardian Mask from City Barn with a fair degree of cynicism thinking that it was a gimmick and unlikely to work. How wrong I was, within a week his eye was no longer weeping and he was not squinting. Within 2 weeks all the enlarged blood vessels had reduced and his eye was cooler and smaller than it had been. I've now had the mask on him during all daylight hours for about 2 months and he is off all drugs and hasn't had a single 'attack' of sore eyes. I couldn't be happier with this result. The only drawback is that I was a little disappointed that there was no 'padding' around the eye area of the mask and it did rub him very quickly in these areas. I got my local friendly saddler to stitch some ultra soft leather here and this did the job and it doesn't rub now but for the price I would have hoped that some protection from these seams would have been included. However overall I would highly recommend this mask - it means my horse is no longer in pain and back to bouncing around the paddock.

  • 5
    An eye saver

    Posted by Debbie on 24th Jan 2014

    My horse injured his eye and then developed uveitis. I searched for a product that would protect his eye from the light. The Guardian Mask has allowed his eye the protection it needs and he has had no further eye problems since he started wearing it. He now also wears the ride in mask. Would highly recommend this product.

  • 5
    The best mask I could find!

    Posted by Sarah on 14th Nov 2013

    After spending much time researching, trying to find the best mask on the market to provide the greatest possible protection for my horses, the only answer was the Guardian Mask and Nose Cover! It offers the highest UV protection available, helps prevent damage to the eyes and treat existing eye conditions, protects against flies and other possible protrusions, and most importantly is safe and comfortable for my horses! Thank you Martina at The City Barn for being a stockist, and for your helpful and prompt service!

  • 5
    No other fly veil like this!

    Posted by Keysborough Equine on 22nd Apr 2013

    I have saved a fair few horses eye sight with using this product in conjunction with medications. Makes my job a lot easier by keeping the eye clean and safe. Also stops the horse from being able to rub the eye. A must for every horse, especially horses with allergies. Thanks Martina for importing such a fantastic product!