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Size: 7" by 5" by 5"

Weight: 2.1kg - 2.2kg

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How to use your EQUICUBE

How you hold the equicube is very important:


  • The cube is held in front of you in the saddle and just high enough so it does not touch your horse
  • Relax your shoulders and let them drop down into their sockets
  • Your upper arms should drape down your sides staying close to your sides at all times
  • The weight of the cube should be supported in your back, engaging your latissimusdorsi muscle


Position the Equicube


  • Place cube in hands with logo facing you.
  • Pick up your reins and add the handle of the cube on top with thumbs positioned as seen in Figure.A



  • If the cube does not remain level ( flat surface parallel to the arena floor) proper core engagement is not achieved



Improper Rein and Hand Position

  • When held incorrectly increased tension in hand and forearm decreases recruitment of the core muscles Figures: B,C,D
  • All pictures show common errors while riding with the cube



Now that you have the cube level   

  • Shorten the reins so you feel you have contact with the bit in your horses mouth.
  • The reins may have to be shorter than normal because of your hand position.
  • As you begin to move, the top flat surface of the Equicube should remain level at all times and in all gaits.
  • Make sure it is always pointed in the direction you are going.
  • With your elbows staying down at your sides move the cube in the direction you want to go, by turning your torso.
  • In each picture below you can see the cube moving in the direction you want the horse to go.
  • In all gaits and in all movements this rule remains the same
  • In each of these photos the cube remains level and pointed in the direction of where the horses shoulders need to travel













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  • 5
    Great training devise

    Posted by Lia on 16th Sep 2015

    I (Elementary level)had a lesson yesterday, using the equicube. I thought it was quite a good tool to keep straight and strong through the core. It took about 5-10 minutes to get used it having it there since it weighs what feels like 5kg. I felt it improved my canter transitions (up and down) and helped me sit up and back so my horse could pick me up and tow. I'd highly recommend it as a training tool for riders of all levels!

  • 5

    Posted by Heide on 15th Sep 2015

    I am happy. Much easier than carrying cups of water and teaches rein aid while keeping you square while riding without reins only teaches you to be square