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Evolutionary In Design

PED Bits have been designed by Nic Graham, Oral Bio-Mechanic, Equine Dental Specialist, and Director of the very succesful Performance Equine Dentistry.

PED Bits offer maximum comfort for the horse and are manufactured with absolute care. They have all been designed with specifications to suite the horse and the discipline, and they have been designed to ensure that they are legal across the disciplines of EFA, HRCAV & PCA.

PED Bits - Core Features

Ultimate Balance

In most riding disciplines, we look for the horse to be supple and balanced. PED Bits and correct dentistry ensures that the horse has a comfortable state of mind and condition to work into.

Independent Lateral Movement

Most bits on the market are jointed (single or double). This creates a fulcrum action – when one side is moved, the other moves. PED Bits has a barrel joint, which allows for the independent lateral movement. So taking one rein, means taking one rein – not across the mouth action.

Maximum Comfort for the Horse

PED Bits are ergonomically shaped mouthpieces. A horses mouth is curved. So we ride in a non curved bit, expecting a round frame, when we offer them a straight foundation line to work into. Many traditional bits don’t offer the rider that, whereas PED Bits rises to the rider’s expectations by giving the curved foundation to come into. How it naturally should be.

Specific to the Discipline

Each discipline has specific specifications:

Pleasure: Our aim is to provide comfort for the horse. PED Bits offers independent lateral movement, which ensures the horse has the best understanding of the rider’s intentions.

Pelham: PED Pelham incorporates the curved lightweight mouthpiece, barrel joint and minor vertical lift thru the shanks.  Offers maximum comfort for the horse yet encompasses all the attributes of the Pelham.

Bridoon : The PED Bridoon is thin, light-weight, and is curved and barrel jointed, with 2 inch loose rings. They are perfectly designed to work with another bit – yet still offer the horse comfort because of the reduced size of the mouthpiece.

Adjustable Trainer : Evolutionary in design because of the ability to add. This bit has detachable FM arms. Currently working on Rearing (for T/B) and Bucket (S/B) attachments.

Forgiving to Rider's Hands

PED Bits are forgiving to riders’ hands because of our shape design and the joint.  They are lightweight, forward curved, with no open joint. Therefore no palatal or tongue pinch.

The rings on PED Bits have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The Fixed ring is a true English Egg-butt 2 1/2 ring. PED Bits accommodates this in design.

Follows Competition Guidelines

Currently, there are many bits on the market that do not follow Australian, and many international competition guidelines. Each country within its own disciplines, has specific rules regarding bits. There is a GLOBAL STANDARD MEASUREMENT GUIDELINE to work within, however it is imperative that each competitor is knowledgeable regarding their disciplines and allowable guidelines.

PED Bits have strived to keep within all the GSM by using one style of metal. We have ensured that our bits have been manufactured with high grade stainless steel. There are no copper inlays. (Note: Certain western pleasure guidelines give ability to use combined metals).

PED Bits are currently being assessed for National approval through Equestrian Federation Australia.

Ultimate Performance

All riders are striving for the ultimate performance which they can achieve from themselves and their mount. Our philosophy is to offer the most comfortable bit yet retain the necessary qualities for control.

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