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Makayla Hanley


Makayla Hanley



My name is Makayla. I’m 4 yrs. old and I am lucky enough to have my own pony thanks to my fantastic Mum and Auntie.
Even though I only get to ride once a week, I am working hard to eventually ride my pony by myself. I also have started to compete at Ag Shows in Leading rein classes and hope to start Pony Club soon.

My Pony is a 7yr old registered Piebald Shetland named “Rawhiti Park Seatalk” aka Talky.
He is a wonderful pony to learn on and is very patient with me.
I enjoy brushing his huge mane and tail with all my city barn brushes.


I am very grateful to have Martina and The City Barn for their generous sponsorship.