In Hand Work Whips

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"In Hand" Work Whips

Designed to provide, fatigue proof handling!

Price $85.00

Both whips are perfectly balanced and therefore provide effective and precise use.

Easy on your hands/wrists, arms/elbows & shoulders!

Carbon Composite Whip

  • Shaft Made of High-Tech Carbon Composite Material
  • Ultra Light Weight at ONLY 60g!
  • PU-Grip Handle
  • Tassel 
  • Available Length: 130 & 140cm

Fleck Super Grip 

  • Flexible & Lightweight - Only 135g
  • Nylon Shaft for Perfect Impulse
  • Special Non-Slip Handle for Optimal Grip
  • Nickel Mushroom Cap
  • Small Leather Flap
  • Available Length: in 130cm & 140cm

Feldmann Balance Whip

  • Developed by Walter Feldmann
  • Two piece special handle which provides optimal balance
  • Fiberglasswith a fine nylon weave
  • The balance elements are made of soft rubber with finger grips
  • Light weight whip
  • For In-hand work or riding
  • Enables completely natural, relaxed and very accurate whip handling
  • For Beginners through to Professional rider
  • Available Length: 140cm