Gogue Training Aid

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Gogue Training Aid
(One-Size Fits All)

The Gogue is a training aid, similar to a chambon but unlike the chambon can also be used whilst riding making it very versatile.

Its purpose is to encourage the horse to raise the neck, free the shoulders and engage the hocks, so that he may develop the correct muscles for a rounded outline.

The Gogue is made of a leather piece which goes across the poll and has cords attached, these horse fork at the horse's chest and each run through one of the bit rings they then run down to attach to a chest/girth leather attachment (as shown in picture).



The horse is therefore "in control" of the action of the Gogue:

When the horse keeps it's head in the acceptable position, the Gogue has no effect.

When he sticks his nose out or raises his head, the Gogue comes into action, raising the bit in his mouth and applying slight pressure to the poll.