German Martingal

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German Martingal

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Sizes: Pony and Full

Black Only

Consisting of a martingale with snap hooks and web reins (100% polyester) with rings.

German martingals are the most sophisticated of the martingals.Instead of simply sliding the reins through rings, the German reins actually split (usually achieved by hooking the martingal part of the reins to rings sewn onto the direct reins). This second pair of reins continues through the ring of the snaffle, and on down to the cinch. The advantage is that when the horse is responding correctly to bit pressure, there is no martingal effect, but if he raises his neck the martingal reins immediately come into play. When properly adjusted, there is little chance of over-flexing too, as the only pressure will be direct from the rider’s hands to the bit. German martingals can be a bit intimidating to a novice, as there are extra straps and adjustments to get used to, but overall they are very effective for teaching the horse to give to the bit. Another advantage to German martingals is that they do not limit lateral (sideways) movement of the reins.